Bandsaw Joining Services


Our bandsaw blade is sourced from two of Europe’s finest manufacturers, ‘Wikus’ of Germany and ‘Hakansson’ of Sweden. Without doubt we have the largest stock of bandsaw blades in Tasmania. Stocked widths start from 1/8″ up to 2″ wide, in all tooth designs and tooth pitch, in either metal or woodcutting styles and in both carbon and bi-metal materials, this equates to a quick turn around after an order is received.

We offer custom, made-to-length bandsaw blades all expertly joined on our German manufactured ‘Ideal’ Flash welding bandsaw blade joining machine.

At first glance, most bandsaw welding machines look alike, however there are two types ‘Butt welding’ and ‘Flash welding’. The financial outlay for a ‘Butt welder’ is minimal compared to a ‘Flash welder’.

In both machines the blade is butted together and clamped. Once the start button is pushed, electric current begins to flow across the blade ends, causing them to heat up and become molten.

In the case of a Butt welder, the applied pressure forces the ends of the blades together as soon as they become plastic and then molten, destroying the molten region at each blade end nearly as fast as it is created. This traps impurities in the weld, making the weld brittle and weak.

Flash welding addresses this problem with a motor driven cam to regulate and slow the advancement of the two butted ends towards each other. This allows extra time in the molten state, allowing the impurities to float, sink or be squeezed out, delivering a metallurgically superior welded joint relatively free of impurities.

At Moonah Machinery we take bandsaw blade welding seriously. Our ‘Ideal’ welder is perfectly maintained. When necessary the welding jaws are removed and sent away for surface grinding, we periodically ‘load test’ sample welded joints to be absolutely sure that our customers from all over Tasmania do not experience any joint failures.