Panel Saw – MJ12-1600

This mid size panel saw has all the features of  a joinery shop panel saw, powered by a 3 HP 'WHISPER QUITE' high torque single phase motor which drives both the main blade and scribe blade ensuring precise and accurate cuts by the operator, the supplied 300mm main blade delivers a 100 mm depth of cut, whilst the scoring blade diameter is 90mm and rotates in reverse to deliver chip free cutting to the underside of the material being cut.

The main table is constructed from precision machined grey cast iron, a 1.6m aluminium sliding carriage sits next to the blade for precision accuracy, this carriage glides back and forth in a smooth and consistent movement via the incorporated rack of  hardened ball bearings, the carriage has full micro adjusters to ensure it sits 100% true to the blade and is fully supported by the sliding arm ensuring that heavy materials will not cause it to move out of alignment.

At the front of the carriage there is an aluminium docking fence with built in ruler and adjustable docking stop for repetitive sizing. The fence rail is very robust with an inbuilt ruler, the fence has an incorporated optic sight to read the ruler and is clamped into position with a cam type quick action lever.

  • Perfect precise cuts
  • Cut melamine panels like a pro
  • Silky smooth gliding aluminium sliding table
  • Easy two handle adjustment for tilt and height of the blade
  • Cross cut a 1.2mm panel with ease

Panel Saw - MJ12-1600 - Specifications:

Motor power  3 HP [2.2 Kw]
Major table size 440 x 800mm
Main blade size 300mm
Scribe blade 90mm
Rip capacity 1220mm
Cross cut width 1350mm
Main blade speed 4000 RPM
Scribe blade speed 5800 RPM

Price: $4,000.00

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