Oscillating Bobbin Sander MM326

If your line of work involves fitting out boats, pattern making, fine furniture or the need to fine sand curves both external and internal, then you need an oscillating bobbin sander.

The  Oscillating Bobbin Sander model MM326 is a very well built and capable machine, oscillating sanding is much finer and effective compared to non oscillating  because of the double sanding action, where a non oscillating sander will leave the highs and lows of the grit on the sanding sleeve in the finished work. The table will tilt from zero to 45 degrees for compound angle or curved sanding.

The maximum sanding height is 90mm, the sander is supplied with a 50mm, 35mm and 20mm sanding drum. A 50mm dust outlet is fitted to the sander and sanding is virtually dust free when connected to a suitable dust collector.

  • Ability to sand plastics and light metals
  • The 370mm x 370mm  table is set at a comfortable working height
  • Easy change over of the sanding spindle
  • Heavy gauge steel frame

Oscillating Bobbin Sander MM326 - Specifications:

Oscillating stroke 25mm
Spindle speed 1440 RPM
Maximum sanding height 100mm
Table size 370 x 370mm
Sanding table tilt 0°~45°
Motor power 1/2 HP

Price: $600.00

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