Wood Lathe MC-900

The  MC-900 is our entry level wood turning lathe and is the small brother of our wood lathe model MC-1100, it is the perfect machine for any one just starting out or for the serious wood turner who requires a versatile yet reasonably priced machine.

Features shared with the MC-1100 are the reeves drive, swivel head stock and hollow tailstock.

As with the MC-1100, the cast iron bed carries plenty of weight to dampen vibration.

Sealed bearings in the headstock ensure smooth running and offer generous bowl turning capacities when the head is swivelled. Cam type tool rest adjustment levers make repositioning the tool rest and tailstock quick and easy.

A heavy gauge open type metal stand is part of the lathe's standard equipment.

  • Unprecedented value for money
  • Face plate included
  • 4 prong x MT2 spur drive included
  • MT2  hollow type live centre included
  • Good entry level lathe that you will probably never out grow
  • Solidly cast iron bed and componentry helps absorb vibration

Wood Lathe MC-900 - Specifications:

Bed length 900mm
Centre height 300mm
Spindle thread 1" x 8 TPI
Head and tailstock tapers MT2
Speed range 500~2000 RPM
Motor power .550 watt [Input]

Price: $820.00

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