Bandsaw MJ343B

This bandsaw has the 'grunt' and capacity needed for use in any workshop application. We have sold this  MJ343B bandsaw to all sections of the trade such as aluminium fabricators, joinery shops, fine cabinet makers, professional wood turners as well as the serious DIY user.

The machine is more than adequately powered by a 1.1 kw [1.5 HP] motor driving a two speed pulley system which essentially means that you can get two machines in one, the faster speed being ideal for woodcutting, the slower speed for the cutting of no ferrous metals. The size and strength of the castings which go make up this machine is what sets it apart from similar sized machines, the upper and lower wheels are fully machined and balanced ensuring there is minimal vibration when the machine is in use.

A 100mm dust take off outlet is located at the back of the machine. The machines maker has constantly made improvements to this machine since we have been sourcing it, the most recent being powder coating instead of spray painting the machines body, perhaps the most important upgrade has been the top and bottom blade guides with the roller bearings end surface supporting the bandsaw blade rather than the face surface of the bearing as was the case with the superseded guide. These improved guides are available ex our stock and can be easily retrofitted to the pre 2009 model MJ343B bandsaw

  • Sturdy open stand included
  • Easy access for blade changing via the two doors on the front of the machine
  • Integral 100mm dust port
  • No volt release switch incorporating an emergency stop
  • New improved roller bearing blade guides
  • Replacement blade in either 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" width $25.00

Bandsaw MJ343B - Specifications:

Throat width 335 mm
Saw blade length 2490 mm
Saw blade width 1/4”~3/4"
Saw table tilt -0°~45°
Max. cutting Depth 200 mm
Saw table Size 500 mm x 400 mm
Motor power 1.1 kw [1.5 HP]

We stock improved roller bearing blade guides for this machine, priced at $60.00 for either guide

Price: $1,100.00

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