Bandsaw – Metal Cutting G5012W

Whilst this bandsaw may be small in respect to it’s size and  price, it is a real mammoth when consideration is taken into what it can actually do. It has a cutting capacity of 115mm in round and 100mm x 150mm rectangular, an added bonus is that it can be used in the upright position for free hand cutting.

One useful feature is the automatic switch off once a cut has been completed when used in it’s vertical application, for repeat cuts the machine is fitted with an adjustable length stop. The machine is supplied with a 14 TPI carbon blade as standard, we recommend the use of a 14 TPI Bi-Metal blade, whilst this blade is three times the price of a carbon blade, in direct comparison it has a cutting life capacity of up to ten times when compared to the carbon blade.

Another point to consider is that a Bi-metal will will cut through stainless steel stock as if it were mild steel and do it over and over again.

  • Includes vertical cutting table
  • Cuts to 45 degrees in mitre vice
  • Portable - on wheels for site work
  • Fully adjustable blade rollers for accurate and straight cutting
  • Cost of a spare blade in carbon material : $25.00
  • Cost of a spare blade in Bi-Metal material : $45.00


Throat width 115 mm
Saw blade Length 1640 mm [64 1/2"]
Saw blade Width 12.9mm [ 1/2"]
Number of speeds 3 [20, 29 & 51 FPM]
Max. cutting Depth 115 mm
Motor size 1/2 HP x 240 volt


Price: $620.00

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