Thicknesser MB508L

We sold our 1st example of this machine close on twenty years ago and to the best of our knowledge the machine is still in operation and delivering  excellent service for it's owner.

Over the years this tested and proven design has found it's way into into many serious home woodworkers and cabinet makers shops.

The Thicknesser MB508L machine is fitted with a four blade cutter head which significantly improves the smoothness of the cut. The heavy duty feed rollers are chain driven from a robust two speed gearbox, the desired speed as well as neutral are selected by means of a pull out type rod.

A nice feature are the two rollers on the top of the machine, they are quite handy by way of assisting a person tailing out to return a long length of stock back to the operator. The Thicknesser MB508L machine is fitted with anti-kickback fingers to prevent stock kick back towards the operator.

Changing the planer knives is a very simple and easy operation with the blade setting tool supplied with the machine.

  • Dust chute included for easy connection to a dust collector
  • Available in single phase or three phase
  • Fully adjustable feed rollers in the planing table
  • Robust 4 screw lifting of the planing table
  • Fully mobile with the heavy duty castors built in to the base

Thicknesser MB508L - Specifications:

Width of stock508 mm
Maximum thickness of stock203 mm
Depth of cut3 mm
Cutter block speed5000 RPM
Number of knives4
In feed speed5 MPM ~ 6.3 MPM
In feed rollersSolid serrated steel
Motor power3 HP x 240 volt ~ 5 HP x 415 volt

Price: $2,450.00

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