Thicknesser MB380

Well proven in 100's of workshops, big capacity, low investment, rugged cast iron construction with precision ground work tables and excellent planed results are the 'Hallmarks' of our model MB380 thicknesser.

Whilst this machine is a little more basic when compared to our model MB380L, it has the same cutter block and power feed mechanicals making it an ideal choice for any one looking for a 'No Thrills' yet trouble free thicknesser.

Differing from the MB380L the planing head is raised or lowered to set the planing thickness, even with the weight of the motor this is an effortless operation, all due to the large hand wheel diameter and excellent gearing, in fact it just about as easy to wind up as it is down.

Fully adjustable bed rollers reduce table friction and assist the automatic power feed function of this machine. As with the MB380L blade changing is as easy as with the setting jig provided with the machine.

Please note the Thicknesser MB380 now has as standard solid cast iron in and out feed tables and a wheel kit identical to those shown in the MB380L photo.

Thicknesser MB380 - Specifications:

  • Dust chute included for easy connection to a dust collector
  • 2 speed automatic feed
  • Fully adjustable feed rollers in the planing table
  • Robust 4 screw lifting of the planing table
  • Heavy gauge metal cabinet stand included
  • Solid cast iron in and out feed table extensions supplied as standard
  • Integral wheel kit in the machines cabinet base
Width of stock381 mm
Maximum thickness of stock165 mm
Depth of cut3 mm
Cutter block speed5000 RPM
Number of knives3
In feed speed5 MPM ~ 9 MPM
In feed rollersSolid serrated steel
Motor power3 HP

Price: $1,700.00

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