Thicknesser MB104

This is a newly designed thicknesser with a very useful capacity of 410 x 220mm but able to take stock down to 5mm, the machine is fitted with 'Spiral cutter head & carbide insets'.

Spiral cutter heads have now revolutionised wood work planers and thicknessers. The important advantage of a spiral cutter head is it's shearing contact with the stock, rather than the loud chomping effect produced by traditional HSS blade cutter heads.

This translates into a much smoother cut with less chipping and tear out of the stock as well as a significantly much quieter operation. The carbide inserts have four cutting edges on them and can be changed/turned in seconds without the requirement of a blade setting jig.

The general coconscious from end users is when used correctly the inserts remain sharp three to five times longer than standard HSS knives, thus if you multiply by the four cutting edges it is possible to achieve 12 to 20 times the normal life of a HSS blade set. The fully enclosed machine body is a much safer option for schools and in the work place when compared to the more common four pillar open sided thicknessers.

Steel rollers with ribbing ensure a positive drive of the stock through the machine, the feed roller pressure can be adjusted with the four adjusters on the top of the machine. Depth of cut is set by means of a hand wheel on the front with the cutting height indicated by a scale positioned to it's right. Power is provided by a 3 HP 240 volt induction motor housed within the base.

  • Machine body is fabricated welded steel chassis with reinforced stress points
  • Spiral cutter head with carbide inserts
  • Full cabinet enclosure for quieter and safer operation in the workplace
  • Hinged lift up top cover for easy access to the cutter block and feed rollers
  • Mechanical digital table height read out

Thicknesser MB104 - Specifications:

Thicknessing width410 mm
Maximum thicknessing depth220mm
Minimum thicknessing depth5mm
Cutter block speed4050 RPM
Thicknessing table dimensions410 x 750mm
Motor power3 HP

Price: $3,800.00

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