Table Saw SB200DS

This is a very nicely made Table Saw SB200DS with impressive specifications, considering its size and in comparison to similar machines on the market the 1,100W  quite running induction motor ensures a greater degree of reliability than the more usually found brush motor powered table saws.

Supplied as a complete package with a floor stand, side table extension and a small but useful sliding table. The Table Saw SB200DS is an accurate, smooth performing saw, ideal for the home enthusiast engaged in small furniture projects, model making or around the home.

  • Quite running 1100 W motor
  • Cast iron sliding table with mitre fence and work clamp
  • 600mm side extension table
  • Supplied with leg stand, rip fence and double bevelled mitre fence
  • Cast iron main table

Table Saw SB200DS - Specifications:

Maximum width of cut960 mm
Maximum cross cut470  mm
Maximum depth of cut ~ 90° degrees60  mm
Maximum depth of cut ~ 45° degrees40 mm
Saw blade tilt0°~45°
Motor power.1100 watt

Price: $750.00

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