Edge Sander BSX100-1

A superb addition to any workshop where a good and accurate belt/edge sanding is required. The MM2315 has a 900mm platen that can be used in either the horizontal or vertical mode.

Changing from horizontal to vertical is quick and simple to undertake. The horizontal mode is generally used for flat sanding, whilst in vertical mode, edge sanding is carried out on the substantial cast iron side table [845 x 300 mm] delivering plenty of support for the work. A slot for a mitre gauge has been machined along the length of the table, allowing for edge sanding of components either square or at any required angle.

A radius table [150 x 150 mm] is supplied for curved sanding on the machines left hand sanding drum. The 2515 long sanding belt fully oscillates to achieve a super fine finish and is driven by a strong 1 1/2 HP induction motor .

  • Replacement sanding belts available ex our stock
  • Full oscillation of the sanding belt
  • Integral 100 mm dust extraction outlet
  • Substantially built for heavy duty constant use
  • Built in two door cabinet for belt and accessory storage

Edge Sander BSX100-1 - Specifications:

Sanding belt size 150 x 2515 mm
Working length 900 mm
Sanding belt speed 960 meters per minute
Table travel 80 mm
Round end diameter 85 mm
Side table size 845 x 300 mm
Front table size 150 x 150 mm
Motor power 1.5  HP

Price: $1,500.00

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