Planer Thicknesser ML-392

The main function of the planer [Also called a jointer] is to produce totally flat and square datum points for the thicknesser to work from. Once this is achieved the thicknesser accurately and rapidly dimensions all of your stock to the required size making accurate joinery ever so much easier. The heart of any planer are the beds and tables. The Planer Thicknesser ML-392 features a cast iron bed for strength and rigidity and will plane boards up to 254mm wide.

The precision ground cast iron surface tables have a generous combined length of 1085mm. The fence can be tilted to 45°for bevelling and chamfering, the 3 knife cutter head is fitted with re-sharpen able blades as standard.

The powerful induction motor enables the machine to remove 3mm of stock in one pass. An optional mortise attachment is now available for the Planer Thicknesser ML-392, the attachment is the as shown in the photo of the C3-310QM, price : $363.00

  • Prepare your own timber and save
  • 100mm dust extraction outlets for both the planning and thicknessing functions
  • Turns into a 3 function machine with the fitting of the optional mortise attachment

Planer Thicknesser ML-392 - Specifications:

Thicknessing width 254mm
Thicknessing height 130mm
Planer table length 1085mm
Cutter head speed 3750 RPM
Number of knives 3 [Resharpen able]
Automatic feed speed 3.6 meters per minute
Motor power 1.5 HP

Price: $2,000.00

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