Planer Thicknesser C2-410QM

For any one needing a wider planning capacity, the Planer Thicknesser C2-410QM is the solution to their needs. The Planer Thicknesser C2-410QM has been designed as a heavy, well specified machine able to fit in even a modest workshop but capable of serious work and performance. The C2-410QM has heavily ribbed cast iron surfacing tables and a generous cast iron thicknessing table.

The machine is housed in a single, heavy steel frame for rigidity and stability and boasts a 3 hp induction motor to provide plenty of power for the 410mm x 220nn capacities and the maximum 5mm cut. The 95mm block has four knives to allow faster feed speeds and provide a good quality finish. Anti kickback fingers protect the user as the knurled steel infeed roller drives timber easily into the cutter block.  The fence, which is so essential when surface planning, would be one of the most substantial on the market at this price level.

The aluminium fence extrusion is mounted on a large cast iron mount which tilts to 45º and is quickly and easily resets to 90º with the aid of an adjustable stop. Changing to thicknessing mode just a matter of sliding out the fence and tilting up the in and out feed tables. This powerful machine can take up to 5mm cuts and these adjustments can be quickly and easily made in either mode. When thicknessing there is a large hand wheel to raise and lower the thicknessing table and a large clear scale for guidance.

A slot mortising attachment is available [Shown fitted to the machine in the pic.] and stocked which  effectively makes the machine a 3 function machine, when not required for drilling/slot mortising operations it is a very simple process to remove the mortise attachment. price of the mortise attachment $595.00

  • Minimal effort and time to convert from planning to thicknessing operations
  • Integral dust collection hood with 100mm outlet
  • Slot mortise attachment available price $595.00
  • Micro safety switches fitted to the dust hood and tables


Planer Thicknesser C2-410QM - Specifications:

Width of stock410 mm
Length of tables1.600 mm
Maximum thickness of stock220 mm
Depth of cut5 mm
Cutter block speed4000 RPM
Number of knives4~ resharpenable
In feed speed8 meters per minute
In feed rollersSolid serrated steel
Motor power3 HP x 240 volt

Price: $3,500.00

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