Planer Thicknesser C2-310QM with Spiral head

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The Planer Thicknesser C2-310QM is the 'Big brother' of the ML-392 and is slightly bigger in every aspect, a very attractively priced and heavily built machine suitable for use in a commercial environment. It's surfacing capacity is 310mm and thicknessing capacity is 310 x 180mm maximum stock thickness, making it very usable for most joinery work.

The tables at 1.285 metres long are a useful length for successful straightening they are heavily constructed and have a fine ground finish. The fence is mounted on a cast iron dovetail and is quickly removed for when the machine is converted to thicknessing mode. The cutter block is 75mm diameter with six rows of 14 x 14 mm replicable tips, The extractor hood is built into the machine and doubles for surfacing and thicknessing, it has a 100mm outlet.

As with the ML-392 a slot mortising attachment is supplied with  the machine and with an all up weight of 201kg  the Planer Thicknesser C2-310QM  is an economic and practical addition to the smaller workshop.

Please note that the mortice attachment shown in the photo is now not supplied as part of the standard equipment, the mortice attachment is available as an optional extra cost : $363.00

Attractive price and heavily built

  • Micro safety switches fitted to the dust hood and tables
  • Turn the machine into a three function machine with the optional slot mortice attachment

Planer Thicknesser C2-310QM - Specifications:

Width of stock 310 mm
Length of tables 1.285 mm
Maximum thickness of stock 180 mm
Depth of cut 2.5 mm
Cutter block speed 4000 RPM
Number of tips 87
In feed speed 4.8 meters per minute
In feed rollers Solid serrated steel
Motor power 2 HP x 240 volt

Price: $3,900.00

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