Planer Blade Grinder

This Planer Blade Grinder has the capacity to sharpen planer blades up to 400 mm long by a horizontally mounted 150 mm aluminium oxide grinding wheel driven by a slow revving motor. The clamp-carrier for the planer blade is fully adjustable to set the correct grinding angle, the grinding feed rate is easily micro adjusted by means of a hand wheel to the rear of the grinding wheel.

Chisels and hand plane blades are able to be sharpened with the use of a shorter clamp-carrier that is supplied with the grinder. Another useful feature is the grinders ability to sharpen drill bits, the correct grinding angle as well as the relief angle are easily set on the holder that is part of the grinders standard equipment.

  • This machine is a must have if you are not close by a professional sharpening service
  • Slow dry hand feed grind to prevent blade burn
  • Sharpen your blades as soon as they become blunt - no down time waiting on a professional sharpening service
  • Easily and accurately sharpens drill bits
  • Sharpen your chisels and hand plane blades like a professional
  • Replacement grinding wheel $40.00

See below a YouTube video on The Planer Blade Grinder

Planer Blade Grinder - Specifications:

Grinding wheel size 150 mm
Motor power 1/2 HP

Price: $400.00

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