Mortice Machine MS3816

A mortise machine is essentially a specialized drill press that combines an auger with a hollow chisel to bore square holes. The auger removes most of the waste, while the chisel edges shear off the remaining material on the sides of the cut.

With the relatively inexpensive MS3816 mortising machine you can create accurate mortise joints with minimal effort. Unwanted movement of the stock is eliminated by the rigid fence and hold down clamp, lateral movement of the stock whilst in the clamp is achieved via a lever operated hand wheel. The all-steel quick-adjust depth stop is easy to set and provides a positive stop.

Quick access to the 13mm drill chuck is gained by unclipping the plastic cover plates located in the machines body either side of the chuck. Other features such as the large base and twin hardened and ground columns will ensure perfect mortises every time.

  • 1/2" mortise bit and chisel included
  • Heavy cast construction
  • Lateral movement of the stock whilst under clamp ~ no need to release the clamp to move the stock into position for the next cut
  • Extra long 550mm quick set handle
  • Other size mortise chisels always available ex our stock

Mortice Machine MS3816 - Specifications:

Mortise chisel capacity1/4" ~ 3/4"
Mortise depth75mm
Maximum height of stock125mm
Base size250 x 195mm
Table size340mm x 150mm
Motor power1/2 HP

Price: $400.00

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