Dust Collector FM300

A great value for money dust collector for industrial or home workshop use. It has a 2 hp motor driving a fully balanced heavy duty fan/impeller constructed from mild steel and has a rated air flow of up to 1200 cubic feet per minute [+ or - 10 percent, the flow could be lower and is dependent on the length and diameter of your suction pipes].

It is has  top and bottom nylon filter bags, the bags measure 560mm in diameter by 850mm deep and are held in place by an over centre clip type steel strap. The collector has a 127mm inlet and is supplied with a Y splitter - 127mm to 2 x 100mm a 100mm so as to facilitate taking dust off two machines at the same time, a 100mm cap is provided in the advent that only one of the 100mm inlets is required.


NEED TO WASH COLLECTION BAGS : After a sustained period of use the pores in the collection bags will clog - substantially reducing the efficiency of the collector,  we recommend that the filter bags be washed when a reduction in efficiency is noticed,  this is easily done by simply draping the bags over a line and hosing them off with a garden hose, please ensure that the collector bags have fully dried out before re installing them.

SUCTION STRENGTH - please refer to the paragraph on the FM300S information page

  • Also available in 2 HP x 415 volt motive power
  • Castors fitted to the base for ease of mobility
  • 100mm flexible pipe $20.00 per meter
  • 127mm flexible pipe $25.00 per meter

Dust Collector FM300 - Specifications:

Motor power 2 HP x 240 volt
Inlet 127 mm or 2 x 100 mm
Height 1950 mm
Depth 850 mm
Width 560 mm


Price: $500.00

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