Pleated Cartridge CF20/48

The efficiency of a dust extractor is directly related to the filter/collection bags and their ability to discharge the air which has been sucked in. A pleated cartridge filter has approximately seven  times the filter area of a similar sized bag.

The Pleated Cartridge CF20/48 has multiple pleats of polyester material contained in a metal mesh cylinder, rotation of the handle at the top causes the internal rubber beaters to dislodge the settled dust off the pleats. A huge upside compared to a cloth bag is the retention of dust within the filter dust as small as 3 microns are retained, a rubber seal on the bottom edge perfectly seals against the FM300 or FM300S dust extractor drum.

Whilst our cartridge filters are designed specifically for the FM300 or FM300S which have an outside diameter drum size of .490mm, it is possible with a few minor adjustments to fit our cartridge filters to other other brands of dust extractors.

  • Increases the efficiency of your dust extractor.
  • Create an almost 100 percent dust free work environment by replacing the bottom cloth bag with plastic bag, cost $3.00 each.

Pleated Cartridge CF20/48 - Specifications:

Fits a drum diameter of 490 mm
Overall height 1.250 mm

Price: $450.00

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