Dovetail Jig

This 460mm dovetail jig gives unbelievable versatility and quality for it's cost. It has a very accurate cast aluminium comb, with this jig you can cut 1/2" blind dovetails, 1/2" rebated dovetails and 1/2" box joints. Cut joints in stock ranging from 11mm to 25mm thick. Edge guides align the stock automatically for a perfect fit.

  • Cuts both male and female parts of the joint at the same time
  • Designed for use with any router machine
  • Unique one quick action clamping bar permits your other hand hold the stock against the stop pins during the clamping process
  • Adjustable stop pins enables the next joint to be positioned correctly, thus each joint being cut exactly the same
  • 1/2" blind dovetail bit made in China $22.00
  • 1/2" blind dovetail bit Carb-I-Tool # TB19149 $42.00

Price: $120.00

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